2 External FUEL PUMPS Hi Flow 600LPH Set w/ SURGE TANK Kit AN8 Fittings fits 044


USD $279.95 

NPBoosted Performance Parts

TWIN (2) TWO 300LPH NPBoosted # NP-4044 External Inline Fuel Pumps / Set
Each Pump @ 300 LPH / 12V & 45PSI Flow Rate
Matching Max of 750HP Naturally Aspirated 
650HP Turbo & Supercharged
PLUS++ Fuel Surge TANK KIT w/ AN8 Fittings
These Twin Set of High Output Pumps are good for 1000HP+
Internal fuel filter / Rubber connection covers / Nuts / Washers & Terminals
Operating 12V - Min Voltage 8v / Max Voltage 18v
Operating Pressure: 75PSI (5 Bar)
PRV Activation: 0-130PSI
Current: 15A under 75 PSI/12V
Inlet: M18x1.5 Metric Thread
Outlet: M12x1.5 Metric Thread
Application: Universal - Fits all Vehicles with Custom inline pump install
Free Shipping: USA & Canada
Worldwide Shipping: $49.95 
- Increased Performance
- Increased BHP
- Eliminate engine misfires and hesitation from Fuel Starvation
- Great for Replacing OEM pumps for High boost Applications / Replacing Aged pumps
- Solid construction
- 2 Year Warranty
Brand New Pumps in box.