38MM 35MM Flange Turbo Actuator External WASTEGATE Exhaust Manifold 14PSI Spring


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Universal Exhaust Parts


Universal 38mm 35mm 2 Bolt Turbo External Wastegate 14PSI Spring for Turbocharged / Turbochargers
Fitment Guide:
Universal Fitment - Turbocharged / Supercharged Engines
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Package Contents:
High strength Cast Steel body with Steel head
Fits: Any 38mm / 35mm Turbo manifold wastegate port
Comes with 14 psi spring installed
1 x 14PSI Wastegate Kit w/ Adapters - Fittings - Gaskets - Bolts - Hardware
All necessary Installation Hardware
Wastegates provide a way to control the boost pressure of the Turbo. They work to bypass exhaust flow from the turbine wheel. Bypassing the exhaust flow reduces the power driving the turbine wheel to match the power required for a given boost level. A Wastegate uses boost pressure and spring force to regulate the flow bypassing the turbine.
Wastegates are bolted to exhaust manifold or header. The advantage of external Wastegates is that the bypassed flow can be reintroduced into the exhaust stream further downstream of the turbine, or Vented To atmosphere. This tends to improve the turbine's performance.

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