4 Strut Rod Bushings Strut Bar FOR 1990-2000 Carry Truck Every Scrum 45341-50F10


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4 Tension Rod / Strut Bar Bushings for 1990+ Carry Every Scrum DB41T DB51T DC51T DD51T DD51B F6A

Fitment Guide:
F6A 660cc Inline 3 Cylinder
F5B 550cc Inline 3 Cylinder
FITS 1990-2000 Suzuki Carry Every DB51T DB51V DA51T DA51V DC51T DD51T DD51B DE51V DF51V
FITS Mazda Scrum DH51T DH51V DG51B DG51T DG51V DJ51B DJ51T DK51B DK51T DL51V DM51V

Some Known Symptom of Failed Tension strut Bar / Rod Bushings:
Roughly 80km/hour Front End Wobble
Loud Noises From Front end at Higher Speeds

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Package Contents:
(4) Aftermarket Tension Rod / Strut Bar Rubber Bushings
Front Left & Right Side - Set of 4

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instructions Included)

Cross Reference Part Numbers:

NP-0F10SB-4, 45341-50F10, 45341-70D00, 4534150F10, 4534170D00

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