BMW E65 E66 E67 E68 PARKING BRAKE METAL WORM GEAR & RING GEAR REPAIR KIT ACTUATOR 745i 750i 760i 39 Teeth or 40 Teeth Kits


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Replacement gear for the common BMW E brake light on dash, when park brake fails to engage. This new steel gear replaces the old broken plastic gear inside the actuator. The new steel replacement gear is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. This SS41 Metal designed gear is made to hold up against prolonged use, and regular gear engagement.

Included (1) Metal replacement Gear Kit

Vehicle Application: BMW / Rolls Royce


2002 - 2008 7 Series BMW

all engines 


E65 745i Sedan, N62, AUTO

E65 735i Sedan, N62, AUTO

E65 735Li Sedan, N62, AUTO

E65 750i Sedan, N62N, AUTO 

E65 760i Sedan, N73, AUTO

E65 760i Sedan, N73, AUTO 

E65 B7 ALPINA Sedan, N62, AUTO 

E66 745Li Sedan, N62, AUTO 

E66 750Li Sedan, N62N, AUTO 

E66 760Li Sedan, N73, AUTO 

E66 760Li Sedan, N73, Auto 

Rolls Royce:

2004-2008 Phantom
BMW E65 E66 (02-08) Gear Repair Kit for Parking Brake Actuator!

Gear Material: Metal SS41



Easy Installation Process 
Very strong Die
 Casting Gear!


Part is compatible to:

09 5584 010 / 09-5584-010 / 34436782755 3440676260

095584010, 34436782755, 3440676260, 34406762606

34436782755, 34406762606, 924-395, 09 5584 010

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