Starter & Solenoid Relay for 1989-94 Skyline R32 RB26 HCR32 RB20 93-98 R33 RB25


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STARTER w/ Relay Solenoid Fits Nissan Skyline R32 BNR32 RB26DETT HCR32 RB20DET R33 RB25DET ECR33 GTS GTR

Fitment Guide:
1989-1994 Nissan Skyline GTR BNR32 2.6L RB26DETT
1989-1994 Nissan Skyline GTS HCR32 2.0L RB20DET
1993-1998 Nissan Skyline GTS ECR33 2.5L RB25DET

Nissan Lift Truck
AEH H20 Engine
AH H20 Engine
APH H20 Engine
ASH H20 Engine
CEF H20 Engine
CEGH H20 Engine
CEH H20 Engine
CF J15 Engine
CPF H20 Engine
CPH H20 Engine
CPH Z24 Engine
CQF H20 Engine
CRGH H20 Engine
EGH H20 Engine
EGH Z24 Engine
EH A15 Engine
EH H20 Engine
F01 J15 Gas Engine
F02 H20 Gas Engine
H01 H20 Gas & LPG Engine
H02 H20 Gas & LPG Engine
NH01 H20 Engine
NH01 Z24 Engine
NH02 H20 Engine
NH02 Z24 Engine
PF H20 Engine
PGF H20 Engine
PH01 H20 Engine
PH02 H20 Engine
PH02 Z24 Engine
QGF02 H20 Engine
RGH02 H20 Engine
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Various Models Z24 Engine

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Cabstar 1982 1979-1981

Nissan LCV - Europe Van
Urvan 2000, E20, 1982cc 1981

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FCG15N7 J15PU Engine
FCG18N6 J15PU240 Engine
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FCG23N H20 Engine
FCG25N H20 Engine
FCG28N H20 Engine
FG10N A15 Engine
FG14N A15 Engine
FG14N J15PU Engine
FG15N A15 Engine
FG15N J15PU Engine
FG18N A15 Engine
FG20N A15 Engine
FG20N H20 Engine
FG20N J15PU Engine
FG23N A15 Engine
FG23N H20 Engine
FG25N A15 Engine
FG25N H15 Engine
FG25N H20 Engine
FG25N J15PU Engine
FG28N H20 Engine
FG30N H20 Engine
FG9 A15 Engine
FG9N A15 Engine
FHG15N H20 Engine
FHG18N H20 Engine
FVG20N H20 Engine
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SG10N H20 Engine
SG12N H20 Engine

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Package Contents:
(1) Complete Aftermarket 12V Starter w/ Solenoid Relay

12V / 0.9KW / 8T / CW
Certificate TS16949 

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instructions Included)

Cross Reference Part Numbers:

Lester 16794, 16794N

Wai 2-1740-MI, 21740MI  

HC Parts JS329  

Cargo 111452, 110256

Hitachi S114-505, S114505, S114-780, S114780


M002T32281, M2T32281

M002T43081,  M2T43081, M003T38682, M3T38682 

M003T41181, M3T41181, M003T41185, M3T41185 

M003T21281, M3T21281, M003T21281D, M3T21281D 

M003T21282, M3T21282, M003T21781, M003T21781

M003T21781D, M003T21781D, M003T21881, M003T21881 

M003T21882, M003T21882, M003T21882D, M003T21882D 

M003T25181, M003T25181, M003T38581, M003T38581 


23300-00H00, 2330000H00, 23300-00H10, 2330000H10

23300-00H11, 2330000H11, 23300-60S10, 2330060S10

23300-L1110, 23300L1110, 23300-L1111, 23300L1111

23300-L2910, 23300L2910, 23300-L2911, 23300L2911

23300-L2912, 23300L2912, 23300-P0613, 23300P0613

23300-P0614, 23300P0614, 23300-P5112, 23300P5112

23300-P5113, 23300P5113, 23300-P5114, 23300P5114

23300-R9000, 23300R9000, 23300-R9001, 23300R9001

23300-05H12, 2330005H12, 23300-05H11, 2330005H11

23300-20P00, 2330020P00, 23300-20P05, 2330020P05

23300-42L13, 2330042L13, 23300-20P11, 2330020P11

            Remy Europe DRS3243  

       Lucas Electrical Europe LRS00396

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