SUPER LOUD !! 145DB Universal Dual Chrome Trumpet Blaster Horns 2 Compressor Kit


USD $139.95 

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Universal Dual Air Horns Loud 12V 145db Twin Trumpet 2 Compressor Car / Truck / SUV / Boat / Tractor / Machinery
Loudness: 145dB
Trumpet Size: 37cm Long (Long Horn) / 32cm Long (Short Horn)
Compressor Size: 4.33" Long x 2.76" Round

Material: Weather-resistant PVC and galvanized 

Colour:  Chrome Finish

            Air Horn Kit Contents: 
                  Mounting Hardware ~ Nuts / Bolts / Washers + Gasket Seal
           1x Long Trumpet Horn
            1x Short Trumpet Horn
             1x Mounting Bracket
             2x Air Compressor
          2x Air Tubing
                          2x 12V Relays             
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            Instructions not included             
Suitable for all 12V Vehicles such as Car / Boat / Truck / Tractor / Van / SUV / ATV 
NEW Dual Trumpet Super-Loud Air Horns. Twin Horns with High/Low Tones Combine for one HUGE Sound / Powerful dual horns blare out a warning that can't be ignored. SUPER LOUD!!