Throttle Actuator Error Code Repair for E90 E92 E93 E60 E63 E64 M3 M5 M6 S85 S65


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10 Pcs Mosfet Transistors - Throttle Body Actuator Circuit Board Repair Kit for M3 4.0L V8 M5 M6 5.0L V10
10 Pack of the Mosfet Transistors Chips for Throttle Actuator Circuit Board Repair

( 10 Pcs Circuit Board Kit Fixes Both - (2) Throttle Body Actuators )

Fitment Guide:

BMW M3 E90 (07-12) S65 4.0L V8

BMW M3 E92 (06-13) S65 4.0L V8

BMW M3 E93 (07-13) S65 4.0L V8

BMW M5 E60 (03-10) S85 5.0L V10

BMW M5 E61 (05-10) S85 5.0L V10

BMW M6 E63 (04-11) S85 5.0L V10

BMW M6 E64 (05-11) S85 5.0L V10

M3 M5 M6 (Any S65 or S85 Engine)


If you're getting any of the following codes on your M3, M5 or M6








odds are you need a new throttle body actuator gear, and a set of  these Transistors.

When the gears wear out, the actuator is forced to continuously hunt for the correct throttle position,

which keeps turning the transistors on, and off to the point where they burn out.

If you're replacing your actuator gears because of codes, you've almost certainly fried at least one of the transistor chips too.


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Product Includes:

10 Mosfet Transistor Chip Packs for Circuit Board Repair


Cross Reference Part Numbers:

13627834494, 13627834494, 13627838085, 13627838085, 13627899999,

13627899999, A2C53032056, A2C53046176, NP-S65TBR11


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