Universal 2 Seats Heated Seat Heater Kit 12V Carbon Fiber Round High Low Switch


USD $85.45 

NPBoosted 12V Seat Heaters


X2 Universal Heated Seat Kit for 2 Seats

Full Kit: 2 Pieces Bottom of Seat / 2 Pieces Back Rest

Fits: Cars / Trucks / SUVs


Heat pad dimension          480mm 280mm 5mm

Wiring harness length          2.3 m

Power rating                    DC12V,27±3W /each pad

Thermostat                    65 +10/-5 ℃

Installation dimension(blankslot/hole)       Diameter 19.8 mm

Length of wiring harness                 2.3m

Switch            HI-OFF-LO round switch

Material            Carbon Fiber(Fast Heating)

Size                48cm x 28cm

Fit for                any kind of Car / Truck / SUV with 12V 

power supply

Worldwide Shipping: $49.95

Package Includes:

x2 round switch
x2 wiring harness 
x4 carbon fiber heater element
x2 Fuse kits
x2 Relays

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