Valve Cover Gasket Seal Kit for 89+ R32 R33 R34 Skyline RB20DET RB25DET RB26DETT


USD $99.95 


Rocker Valve Cover Gaskets & Half Moon Cam End Seals + Bolts / Screws & Washer Seal Mounting Grommets FITS Skyline Stagea R32 R33 R34 RB20 RB25 RB26 RB20DET RB25DET RB26DETT

Fitment Guide:
fits RB26DETT 2.6L Twin Turbo Inline 6 Cylinder
fits RB25DET 2.5L Turbo Inline 6 Cylinder
fits RB20DET 2.0L Turbo Inline 6 Cylinder
fits 89-02 Skyline R32 R33 R34 RB20DET / RB25DET / RB26DETT
fits 1996-2001 Stagea RB25DET / RB26DETT

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Package Contents:
(2) Aftermarket Valve / Rocker Cover Gaskets Set
(2) Aftermarket Valve Cover Half Moon Cam End Seals
(20) Aftermarket Valve Cover Bolts / Screws
(20) Valve Cover Washer / Seal / Mounting Grommets

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended (No Instructions Included)

Cross Reference Part Numbers:

13270-58S01, 13270-58S11, 11051-58S00, 1327058S01, 1327058S11, 1105158S00, 13270 58S01, 13270 58S11, 11051 58S00, 13224-D420A, 13224D420A, 13224 D420A, 13268-58S0A, 1326858S0A, 13268 58S0A  NP-RBVCG-2

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